A Brief Look at REMOTE ACTIVATION – By Sandy Subotnick

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy certain people instantly?  Perhaps, you just feel more comfortable with this person over another. Check and see if their birth location is highlighting a friendly region of your Astro*Carto*Graphy map. This is the most common way we experience remote activation. Each part of our maps highlights different themes …

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Hitch Your Wagon to a Lucky Star by Jim Lewis

First published DELL HOROSCOPE, August 1982. “Jim, this is Marge,” said a manifestly happy voice from the telephone-answering machine. “I just called to tell you that I won $500 in this week’s New York lottery.” The news was particularly pleasing because Marge’s encounter with Lady Luck had been precipitated by an astrology lecture she had …

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Astrology Predicts the Next Likely War Zones by Jim Lewis

Franklin Roosevelt ACG map

From Dell Horoscope July 1978 According to the dictionary, war is an “open armed conflict between nations or states.” It is also perhaps the most puzzling of human options: love, ambition, and other motivations seem understandable for their rewards, but the perennial practice of pitting one society’s strongest and best against another’s in a fight …

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Map Your Way to Happiness by Jim Lewis

First published by American Astrology magazine, September 1977 Locational Astrology Imagine walking into a travel agent’s office and, instead of the usual, “Well, I can’t decide whether to spend this vacation in the mountains, or at the beach,” you say: “This year, I’d like to go someplace where I’d be a little more assertive, maybe …

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America at War by Jim Lewis

Jimmy Carter

First published in AMERICAN ASTROLOGY April 1980 AMERICA at WAR IN 1980? Carter’s Mars Confronts Crisis in the Middle East… Jimmy Carter’s administration has at least presided over one major change-there has been a shift in the locale (if not the frequency or gravity) of the world’s problems.  Israel, Vietnam, and the Far East, seemingly …

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$11,000 on a $1 Slot Machine by Jim Lewis

Shirley Astro*Carto*Graphy map

First published April 1985 in American Astrology magazine. “Oh, by the way, Jim, I just got back from Las Vegas, and tried out your suggestion regarding my ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY map,” she said with almost studied indifference. I had telephoned “Shirley” about another matter, and had forgotten our meeting several months before at an astrological conference.       ”Oh, …

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Planetary characteristics and symbolism are the driving force of Astrocartography. Jim Lewis wrote convenient summaries for each planet. SUN (SU) Here you become master of your own fate, and attract others’ envy, good wishes, favor, and admiration.  This is the best place to practice theater, creative arts, leadership, or to seek publicity.  Health improves, and …

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Spheres of Influence: zodiac, ecliptic, equator

Freud ACG map

Excerpt from “Where in the World: A*C*G and Relocation Charts. pp. 164-172. By Erin Sullivan. CPA Press. 1999. London. www.midheavenbooks.com In which the ‘problem with Pluto’ is addressed by an example: Audience: May I ask you a question? In the beginning you said relocation takes into account our houses whereas Astro*Carto*Graphy doesn’t. I wondered why? Why …

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